Charging up His City

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

‘I am Augustine Osei Agyemang Duah.’Growing up in the Ashanti region of Ghana, Augustine received his education at Toase Senior High School and later on at the University of Education, Winneba. After completing his degree, Augustine worked hard sending out his CV, but found the job search more challenging than he anticipated, especially without any connections.

However, while finding a traditional job may not have worked out the way he planned, this was only the beginning for him. Deciding to pivot he shares, ‘I decided to use the little money saved during my national service to start up my own initiative, since I used to sell phones and accessories at the University. Things began to move and I was able to rent a shop and acquired accessories and phone. The business grew until this covid period, that things are descending due to the lockdown and restrictions. But I know for sure that, with Zidisha the business will raise to a high, like success stories I have read on this platform by members in this community and friends who are members on this platform. Thank you Zidisha.’

In describing his business, Augustine writes, ‘I deal in phones and accessories. As stated in my story, I started this business after my national service in 2017, when the search for a job became hard. This business has been a success in my life, an inspiration and a blessing to many around me. I know that with the help of Zidisha the business will grow and employ many and also impact in the lives of many.’

With five Zidisha funded loans so far, Augustine is making steady progress to grow his business. His loans have ranged in amount from his first of $13 to his most recent which was $280. Through his loans, Augustine’s primary goal has been to add inventory to his shop and stay fully stocked with his phones and accessories.

In November 2020, Augustine started seeing an increase in demand for ear pods. Because of Zidisha, he was able to raise the necessary funds to stock up on ear pods and meet the needs of his customers.

Following his November loan, he took to his discussion page and shared, ‘I feel honored to be a part of this community. The community is really changing lives and transforming businesses. I thank the staff and lenders of Zidisha for this opportunity given. Words alone can not describe the joy that Zidisha has brought to my home. God bless the entire Zidisha staff and lenders. May your blessing overflow.’

Two months later, with his most recent Zidisha funded loan, in January 2021, Augustine raised $280. With this particular loan he purchased power banks for charging during blackouts. He noted that in his city blackouts are a regular occurrence as he writes, ‘The loan will be used to purchase Power Banks for charging phones during blackouts since there is high demand for Power Banks as a result of frequent blackouts. Because phones and other devices have become part of our daily life and people want power banks to charge their phone and other devices to keep their device on at anytime.’

 Would you like to impact the life of an entrepreneur like Augustine? Make sure to head on over to our Browse Projects page to read about other Zidisha business owners around the world.

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