A Key to Everything in the World

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By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Ibrahim Kirui says that he ‘was brought up in a humble background in the Great Rift valley, Bomet county in Kenya. I went to Boito primary school from 1997 to 2005 and later attended Mambwo secondary school where I did my K.C.S.E. in the year 2009.’

After three years of helping his parents at home, Ibrahim moved to Nairobi to look for work. He explains, ‘Finding a job was not easy, but with time and patience I managed to get one with a security firm and was deployed as a security guard. But before that I was a labourer at a construction company and that was the most available.’

One year into working for the security firm, Ibrahim determined that while he had learned a lot, he needed to take actions to increase his income. He shares, ‘I did a driving course and I was in a position to get a job elsewhere as rider/ supervisor, now I was able to earn quite some money. I started practicing farming though it was not doing well but of late am seeing some change.’

ik 1

Today Ibrahim has been working towards his goal of increasing his income streams as he splits his time between being a delivery driver and also working on his side business as a farmer. Ibrahim is working hard to create a great life for himself, his wife, and young son.

Since starting with Zidisha in 2016, Ibrahim has been able to raise 4 Zidisha funded loans from $6 to $377. With his initial loan, in September 2016, he shares, ‘This loan with time will help my wife smile since she is ready to sacrifice her time and energy together with my support to make her dreams comes through. The ladies clothes have a good profit and also for childrens compared to men. I am sure this loan with time I will be able to buy clothes in bales and make good returns.’

Through Zidisha, Ibrahim has also been able to assist his brother with his education costs. After a draught had decimated his parent’s livestock and crops, they struggled to pay the necessary tuition for their son to attend school. Fortunately, Ibrahim was able to raise the funds from Zidisha so that his brother would be able to continue his education.  As Ibrahim says, ‘Today education is a key to everything in the world.’

Ib 2.jpg

Purchasing his piece of land!

With his following loan, in June 2017 of $377, Ibrahim was proud to be able to achieve another of his goals, a piece of land for his home and for farming. He explains, ‘Lenders this land I will call it my home, this is where my family will be living and doing farming. The place is good for living, farming, and doing business.’

On January 20, 2020, Ibrahim shared an update with lenders as he took to his discussion page and wrote, ‘Dear my lenders, I am among the many people who have benefited from your p2p loan. I wish to thank you a lot for that opportunity. My farm has helped me a lot, I have been planting potatoes which has been of great help. We have got food and also sell some.’

Ib. 1

Ibrahim’s new land.

Would you like to impact the life of an entrepreneur like Ibrahim? Make sure to head on over to our Browse Projects page to read about Zidisha business owners making a difference around the world.


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