Beautifying the Town of Timau

Robert 2

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

‘Through the loan I was given, I have been able to improve my life so much.’

Robert Waweru was born to a humble family in Meru county, Kenya. Money was scarce in the family as he was growing up but even so Robert was able to successfully complete form four. Afterwards, he worked manual labor jobs to pay his way through college and worked in a variety of farming roles. Currently, he is serving as an Evangelist in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa which is located in Timau.

In addition to his role in the Church, he and his wife also have a business together. He explains,‘To continue to have a better life we have to work hard in various things, such we have created a beauty saloon whereby my wife runs it. This business has been helpful to my family and my children to go school.’

Since joining Zidisha in 2015, Robert has received four Zidisha funded loans. His first loan of $100 was received in July 2015 and with this he was able to purchase some new items for the salon including: replacing the blow dry machine, new chairs, and wave plating irons.

By the end of the year, Robert was ready for a second loan in order to increase his stock within the salon. For this loan he requested, ‘$193 and he purchased: weaves $60, hair pieces $35, oil $25, hair chemicals $30, and other cosmetic items $50.

In addition to offering hair services, Robert found that he and his wife were able to sell other items such as handbags and accessories. For this new side of the business, he found himself in need of additional funds to purchase inventory. For this third loan, he raised $390 from Zidisha lenders and purchased: handbags, inner wears, oils and location, weaves, a blow dry machine, and rings.

On January 26, 2017, Robert proudly shared on his discussion page, ‘I wish to inform my lenders that the year 2017 started quite well.Regardless of the drought that is cutting across my country, my business is doing fine. I am happy because I am still able to pay for my loan and still meet other expenses.I look forward to expanding my business that it can meet more needs. I am also looking forward to starting another business in the future as a result of the support I am getting from Zidisha. I once more wish to thank my lenders so much for helping my life to have a new shape. Thanks.

Robert 1

Shortly thereafter he acquired his most recent and largest loan yet of $573 in August 2017. This change in his business came about through feedback from his customers. He found that customers were also requesting that he and his wife operate not just a beauty salon for women but also a barber shop for men as well. Robert was happy to make this dream a reality for his customers and with this most recent loan he purchased: shaving seats, two shaving machines, and more handbags and cosmetics to sell in the beauty salon. At this point, he predicted that these improvements would result in an increase of profits between 35% and 55%.

On November 13, Robert recently shared, ‘I wish to take this moment to thank my lenders so much. When I got the previous loan I was able to buy some stock and other commodities. This has seen my business grow and also able to meet customers demand. I have also increased my profit about 30%. This has made my financial status to improve. As a result, I have been able to join college and also pay school fees for my daughter who is in high school. I once more wish to thank Zidisha for this great offer and all my lenders.’

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The Best Thing

Jared 1

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Jared Mogendi was forced to become resilient at a young age. He is the sixth of eight children and unfortunately in 2012, his father passed away. Growing up in a large family, he found that there were always challenges in terms of education, food, and even providing for basic necessities. His parents were not employed and the family depended on subsistence farming for food and basic needs.

While his early childhood years were certainly not easy, he has blazed a trail in recent years and excelled in his education and as a leader today. As a student, he earned a diploma in Community Development and also a certificate in Computer Science. He also founded the Amazing Smile Children’s Centre which is a project that supports orphans and children from poor families. He notes that the reason for starting this organization is because, ‘ I passed through that and am seeing how many kids from poor families are wasted and orphans neglected in the community.’ Instead of wallowing or remaining stuck in his own pain, he has channeled his energy, passion, and personal experience into a cause that is both critically important and personally fulfilling for him.

In addition to running his center, he is also a Manager of Technologies and runs two cyber businesses in his town. Through his businesses, he is able to provide for his family and also contribute financially to his cause.

To sum up his business, Jared, says, ‘my business is entirely on giving internet services to my clients and other computer related services e.g photo printing, printing, scanning, online services etc.’ He started the business with a combination of both borrowed money and personal savings. With his profits he is able to help support a charity project in his community which supports orphans and vulnerable children by providing education, shelter, food, and clothing. In addition, his profits also allow him to feed his family and educate his children.

So far, Jared has successfully raised seven Zidisha funded loans. With his first loan in October 2016, he requested $6 and purchased three Epson inks which would allow him to provide more services to his customers. With his following three loans in January, February, and April of 2017, he requested $6 for each loan and purchased photo printing papers, envelopes, and laminating films.

Shortly thereafter he was ready for his next three loans in May,  July, and August of 2017. In May he raised $14 which he used to purchase more photocopying paper. Then, by July he requested $33 to purchase additional photocopy paper, photo papers as well as 6 Epson printer ink cartridges. Most recently, in August, he raised $71 which he put towards a binding machine which cost $55 and the remaining sum was used to keep up with the demand for printing paper.

On October 24, 2017, Jared excitedly shared on his discussion page, ‘This has boosted my sales between 200-300 dollars. The profits I use to cater for my family needs eg paying school fees for my daughter, rent to my business and my house, utilities and other needs. I also support orphans where I purchase food, clothes, schools items etc to ensure they also have a better future.’

Jared is an ideal example of what it means to love and support your community whether you are able to contribute $1 or $1 million dollars. He knows that it’s not the amount of money, but the heart behind the cause. He succinctly shares, ‘I love doing charity despite the fact I have little resources to support them but it’s the best thing one will ever do for  mankind.’

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A Model of Resilience

Emmanuel Omondi 7

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Emmanuel Omondi was born in Kendu-bay, a small town within the lake side region of Lake Victoria. He was raised by a single mother who was determined that he receive a basic education, even if it wasn’t always easy. Unfortunately, as a young primary student, his mother passed away leading him to transfer to a village school where he lived with his grandmother.

The pain of losing a parent took a toll on Emmanuel and as ne notes, ‘it took me some time to overcome that.’ However, in the midst of his sorrow, he received assistance from donors and well-wishers who helped him reach the high school level. Shortly thereafter, Emmanuel’s resilience was once again tested, when he lost his two other siblings and grandmother within a short period of time. He shares, ‘I had to learn fighting my battles and started that by looking after herds of cattle for people in a neighboring village, where I saved some money that gained enrollment into a technical college where I learned electrical engineering and IT.’

Emmanuel Omondi 3

On the weekends, he worked on construction sites as a hard laborer to help pay his college fees. During this period of his life where he had experienced so much pain and loss, the silver lining was that he found a new passion, computers. Combining his love for computers and his training in IT, he decided to start his own business. To raise the necessary start up capital he did outdoor computer maintenance jobs for schools, offices, and small firms in his city.

He describes his business as, ‘an all way round computer as from cyber all the way to computer servicing and repair to photo production studio and in future selling of computers and accessories.’ He is now determined to be the best computer services provider in his area. He continues, ‘In my village, people seems to have been behind digitally and my shop with my services would bring them up to date with the digital world, and also saves some time to these who would travel all the way to the city just to repair, maintain or buy computers. The profit I gain from my business would be used mostly in reinvestment and growing the business so as to create room to employ others to help me with the business since we have job scarcity in my region and not everyone can think of a business to do. Otherwise my girl also has to go to school and I will have to save for her education.’

When he is not working, he enjoys visiting the elderly members of his village and hearing their stories or spending time with his daughter who at the moment, loves gadgets and flying objects!

So far, Emmanuel has received four Zidisha funded loans, beginning in April 2016 when he received a $50 loan. With this first loan, he was able to do some upgrades and software updates. He noted that these improvements would upgrade the quality of his service which would hopefully result in more customers.

As the year came to a close, he sought out his second loan in December 2016 for $75 to update the branding and advertising for his shop. This loan would contribute to adding new work tables and simple seating as well as adding new branding materials such as catalogues and brochures. The last improvement would include painting the workshop. This would also create jobs for at least two young adults to help with these changes. He predicted that these changes would help to increase his profit by 25%.

A few months later, he was ready for his third loan in April 2017 for $110 as he shared with Zidisha lenders, ‘Thank you very much my dear lenders and Zidisha team for your continuous support. My business is almost on track but still needs to put in more effort and I am here again for your help. The requested amount will help me buy the following items,

– two wide-screen monitors for enough editing space and will cost me about $86.

– one 4G wireless Internet router for easy on-line connection and communication and this will cost me $32. Having an efficient workshop will make us a good working environment and by that I am expecting profit to shoot by at least 13% or above.’

Emmanuel Omondi 4

Most recently, Emmanuel obtained a fourth loan for $275 in October of this year. He recently shared that thanks to his dear lenders and the Zidisha team, his business is in a much better position now than it was two years again because of the help of the Zidisha community.

At this point, he is now ready to move his business to a better location. He has secured an office space and is optimistic that moving his business to a more ideal location will allow him to bring in more customers and more money. In August, he excitedly took to the discussion board to share 4 big changes with his lenders:

  1. In the last 8 months his workshop has grown from two computers to four high speed machines with the latest widescreen LED monitors
  2. He upgraded the data reception from 2G to 4G
  3. He upgraded the tables and chairs for more comfortable seating
  4. His daughter is going to school and he doesn’t have to worry about how to pay her school fees.

Through these changes, Emmanuel has been able to serve his community by donating his old machines to a local orphanage school called, Joysprings Academy where he also volunteers as a Project Manager and Teacher.

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The Compassionate Kids School

Emmanuel 11

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Emmanuel Nkrumah is a man who wears a lot of hats as a trader, farmer, social worker, and founder of a school. In his work as a trader, he sells foodstuffs and agro-chemicals on market days in his village to farmers. This is an important need as farming employs 95% of the people in his community. He has also found that these products sell quickly and that he is able to make a sustainable profit.

As a social worker, he works with the NGO, Compassion For Humanity Foundation. Through this organization they help the community and youth learn a trade that they can pursue as a career. In addition, he has also started a school called, ‘Compassionate Kids School’ so that the children in his community could receive a better education. This is particularly close to his heart as he has four children of his own.

Since Emmanuel discovered Zidisha in 2013, he has successfully raised 7 loans with a consistent and high repayment rate. He set out to raise his first Zidisha funded loan back in December 2013 and requested $49 from lenders. With this loan, he was able to purchase more fertilizers and seeds to sell to farmers on market days, thus increasing his overall stock. He notes, ‘This not only will improve my business but my life and support my family as well.’

After successfully repaying his first loan, he was ready for his next one in February 2014, for $139. For this loan, he purchased farm tools, as these had been requested by his customers. He also needed to continually replenish his stock of fertilizers and seeds. The following month, Emmanuel was ready for a $393 loan as he found himself ready to purchase a freezer so that he could start selling fresh fish. The remainder of the loan was put towards additional farming products and tools to sell.

Emmanuel 2

By June 2014, he was ready for another loan of $497 as he shared with lenders, ‘With your support my business has grow well of the few months I join Zidisha. My Current loan is to help me buy more farm product and tools for sale. I have the intention to also buy new product as well. Also, I plan to buy more fresh fish, since I now have a freezer, and the frozen fish business is doing well. I believe this will keep my business ongoing. Thanks Zidisha, really this is the place to Secure an affordable online loan for greater works.’

With his next loan, in March 2015, for $725, he was ready for help in investing in his school. He noted that the loan would go towards teaching and learning materials for the children as well as a poly tank so that the children would have water. He explains, ‘We lack water at the moment, as the rains have not started and sometimes we have to drink from a stream within the town. Before we used to harvest rain water, but now there is no rain and no water for the school. Daily, children are ask to pay 1 Ghc and these will be used to support the repayment of the loan. The loan will also be used to assist children who are unable to pay for daily feeding at the school and later parents pay back. So all children can have the right to the quality education that Compassionate Kids School is offering.’

Emmanuel 1

By the end of 2015, Emmanuel was ready for another Zidisha funded loan of $681. He shared that with the assistance of parents and teachers, his school has been able to add three classrooms. However, with this loan, they will be able to purchase roofing sheets for the school building.

Most recently, he requested a loan of $910 in June 2017 in order to purchase tools and equipment for the students who are trying to learn a trade. In addition, by having these tools available to take home with them, they can earn an additional income for themselves and their families. The remainder of the loan not used for these tools was put towards supporting the school with books and materials.

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